About MASL and PASL
The Premier Arena Soccer League (PASL) is a national amateur arena league that was started in 1997. Having just concluded its 18th year, the PASL is the largest international indoor/arena soccer league in the world.  The PASL currently has 22 teams in 4 divisions across the USA. The PASL is the official developmental league of the Major Arena Soccer League (MASL).  

Teams play in regional competition to keep travel costs to a minimum. The champion of each region will then compete in an International final.

The PASL currently runs a winter and summer league. The winter league starts the 1st weekend in December and ends the 3rd weekend in March.  The summer league runs from May through July.
October 2008 marked the debut of the MASL, which was originally called the Professional Arena Soccer League.

The PASL and MASL are affiliated members of the CPM (Confederacion Panamericana de Minifutbol). http://www.minifutbolamericas.com/ 
Some MASL teams have a PASL affiliate team
MASL Team Founded PASL Affiliate
Milwaukee Wave 1984-85  
Baltimore Blast 1992-93  
Detroit Waza 2008-09 Waza Premier
San Diego Sockers 2009-10 Sockers Premier
Missouri Comets 2010-11  
Tacoma Stars 2010-11  
Turlock Express 2011-12 Express Premier
Syracuse Silver Knights 2011-12  
Dallas Sidekicks 2012-13  
Harrisburg Heat 2012-13  
Las Vegas Legends 2012-13  
Chicago Mustangs 2012-13 Mustangs Premier
Sacramento Surge 2012-13  
Ontario Fury 2013-14 Fury Premier
Saltillo Rancho Seco 2013-14  
St. Louis Ambush 2013-14  
Brownsville Barracudas 2014-15 Barracudas Premier
Sonora Soles 2015-16  
Cedar Rapids Rampage 2015-16  
Baja Atletico 2015-16  

PASL at a glance

* The player registration will be changing for the upcoming winter league. It will be less expensive ($24-$40 per player, instead of $50.00) with much better insurance benefits ($50,000 max benefit and lower deductable, instead of a $10,000 max benefit). 
The PASL offers excellent benefits to its facilities, teams and players. PASL teams are either run by an indoor facility or privately run and rent field time from an indoor facility.

Facility Benefits

* Builds a club community within your arena and creates customer loyalty.
* Gives younger players a goal for continued participation at your facility.
* Helps build your Soccer Tots or Lil Kickers programs.
* Media coverage of your PASL team creates "FREE" advertising for your facility.
* Increase revenue through:  Gate receipts,  concessions, additional advertising opportunities.
* Improves the quality of officials. Officials are recognized for their quality by being asked to officiate in a PASL game, which are more prestigious and higher paying than a regular game at an indoor facility. Officials will improve, just like players with goals and increased competition. 
* Facility insurance program.
Team Benefits

* Premier level national competition.
* Revenue opportunities through gate receipts, team organized youth camps and sponsorship/advertising.
* Liability insurance.
* National exposure through the internet and television.

Player Benefits

* Exposure to MASL, through all-star games and organized combines.
* Secondary medical insurance.
* Great competition to keep you sharp for your next playing opportunity.
* Media exposure
 North American Champions
Year Champion League   Runner Up
2008/09 California Cougars  PASL-Pro  1790 Cincinnati
2009/10 San Diego Sockers  PASL-Pro  La Raza de Guadalajara 
2010/11 San Diego Sockers PASL-Pro La Raza de Guadalajara
 Ron Newman Cup Champions
2011/12 San Diego Sockers PASL  Detroit Waza 
2012/13 San Diego Sockers PASL Detroit Waza
2013/14 Chicago Mustangs PASL Hidalgo La Fiera
2014/15 Monterrey Flash MASL Baltimore Blast
2015/16 Baltimore Blast MASL Soles de Sonora
 US Open Arena Champions
2008/09 St. Louis Illusion PASL-Pro Detroit Waza
2009/10 San Diego Sockers PASL-Pro Louisville Lightning
2010/11 San Diego Sockers PASL-Pro Cincinnati Kings
2011/12 San Diego Sockers PASL Cincinnati Kings
2012/13 Detroit Waza PASL San Diego Sockers
2013/14 Chicago Mustangs PASL Hidalgo La Fiera
PASL-Premier Champions
  Winter   Summer


Year Champion
    1998 Santa Clara
    1999 Santa Rosa
    2000 ISA 2000
    2001 OTW Sacramento
    2002 OTW Sacramento
2003/04 Minnesota Blast 2003 Bladium Hornets
2004/05 Mass Aztecs 2004  Tacoma Stars
2005/06  OTW Sacramento 2005 San Diego Fusion
2006/07  Studio  2006 Cuernavaca
2007/08 Waza 2007 Stockton Pumas
2008/09 Vitesse Dallas 2008 Santa Clara
2009/10 Tacoma Stars 2009 Santa Clara
2010/11 Las Vegas Knights 2010 Ft. Collins Fury
2011/12 Vitesse Dallas  2011 Santa Clara
2012/13 Bladium Rosal 2012 Las Vegas Knights
2013/14 Mustangs Premier 2013 Las Vegas Knights
2014/15 Dallas Elite 2014 Express Premier
2015/16 RGV Devils 2015 Sockers Premier
2016/17   2016  
PASL-Premier Women’s Champions
    Year Champion
    2008 Santa Clara
    2009 Chico United
    2010 Denver Sizzle
    2011 Soccer World Elk Grove
    2012 Soccer World Elk Grove
    2013 Soccer World Elk Grove
    2014 Arizona Impact
    2015 no season


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